Starting fresh with NMMG


Before starting with Japanese Tease I ran No more mind games with two friends of mine. It was a fun experience. Starting your first blog, toying around with the layout and different themes. But the site was clearly lacking a clear direction. At the same time my interest towards Japan and learning the Japanese language grew exponentially. After my first trip to Japan I decided to quit no more mind games and start something new.

A place where I could share my love for all the amazing Japanese things I discovered. It’s been three years now and it was one of the best experiences ever for me. Starting something new and slowly noticing that there are a bunch of other like minded people out there who really want to participate in your content. That’s just awesome.

Today I wanted to start something new, a fresh place where I could share all the other things which interest me but don’t fit into the Japanese Tease context. Books I read, places I discovered and furniture I want to own. Together with my good friend Bernhard we wanted to create a new space where we could share our aesthetically focused look on things. Our taste of music, arts, books and life.

We first met roughly eight years ago when I was playing records in a local bar. House music was essentially what connected us in the first place and Bernhard started his own blog about electronic music at that time. Keep-it-deep has been a staple in the German music scene. I was always amazed by the consistency and quality of the content Bernhard kept delivering.

About a month ago I moved to a new place. A new beginning of some sorts and the perfect place to start a new life in the web as well.

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Starting fresh with NMMG

Before starting with Japanese Tease I ran No more mind games with...
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